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17” XXL Heavy - Extra Heavy Flow Black Reusable Sanitary pads - 43cm or 17” (Postpartum, Incontinence)

17” XXL Heavy - Extra Heavy Flow Black Reusable Sanitary pads - 43cm or 17” (Postpartum, Incontinence)

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Reusable Sanitary Pad - Extra Heavy Flow

Size XXL for Heavy or Extra Heavy Flow and Overnight use (17”- 43cm approximately)

Top layer bamboo charcoal fleece, absorbs quickly and has antibacterial properties as it is odour neutraliser naturally.
Middle core width after wings folded is 5” wide.

Choose the absorbency:

✦ Heavy Flow - 3 layers insert. Very comfortable and ideal for heavy flow use night-time or even during day.

✦ Extra Heavy Flow with Middle layers are composed of 4 microfibres terry towel super absorbent as they absorbs liquid quickly and retain liquid well. (My design makes it very comfortable to wear with the 4 layers insert) Very good for mild incontinence too.

✦✦ Custom Order for added extra layers from 5 up to 8 layers insert. The pad will become thicker and advised to only use more than 4 layers if this is tailored for incontinence use. Please message me for price.

Back layer is laminated fabric, breathable and leakage proof.

Very good for incontinence, use during night.

Few solid colours available.

The Materials used on our pads are the best quality material sourced in the market, to guarantee you can reuse your pads for many many years to come, making it environment friendly while saving you lots of money.
We know how the initial investment on reusable pads is quite expensive, that why we try charge a reasonable value without compromising the quality. If you follow the instructions on how to care for your pads, they will last long!

Bamboo Charcoal Fleece - They are not hot! They are very comfortable to the touch of skin, with natural antibacterial and anti-odour properties, they will protect you during use. The charcoal grey colour also helps to hide some stains that may fix over the years. They are breathable fabric and you will not feel "wet" during use, as it will quickly absorbs the liquid and lock it away from your skin.

Bamboo Microfiber towel - super absorbent, absorbs liquid very quickly and lock it away.

PUL waterproof laminated fabric (same used on reusable baby nappies/diapers) - is completely breathable, the colour will never fade and your pads will look like new in years to come. We use PUL in our pads, as they are more resistant than cotton, and also because being waterproof means no leakage!

Check this big bag to keep your big pads. It has two pockets and comes very handy to carry both soiled and clean pads in separate pockets:

**If storing your soiled pads at home to wait until the laundry day, make sure you keep the bag open so you can get some fresh air inside.

Very easy to care for, you will need to rinse your pads after use, drain the excess water and keep with your laundry basket for the laundry day.
There is no need to soak your pads in water, but if you prefer do this way, please don’t leave for over 30 minutes.
You can hand wash or washing machine your pads, up to 40C, preferably by 30C.
We recommend to air dry, but if you need tumble dry at low heat, below 100C.
Do not iron
Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Enjoy your pads as they are super comfortable and if you care as instructed, they will last good 5 years minimum, saving you a lot of money and saving our environment from plastic disposable pads.

I usually don't have these pads on stock and need make them to order, so I will ship your order within 7-10 business days.

Any questions, please just contact me, and I will be more than happy to assist you.

I can also do custom request, made to order, by size and absorbency.
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