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Menstrual Cup -Small or Large Sizes

Menstrual Cup -Small or Large Sizes

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Menstrual Cup

There are a few ways to fold the cup before inserting it and you will find instructions in your booklet to see which way is best for you.

Naturally Lady menstrual cup comes with a small bag for storage, so after use, just put your cup inside the bag and store away for your next period.

Why should you switch to a Menstrual Cup?

CONTAINS NO TOXIC CHEMICALS: No more dryness, itch or nasty chemicals inside your body! Unlike pads and tampons. Won’t interfere with your body’s pH balance. Collect your flow naturally! Made of 100% Medical Grade FDA/CE/SGS FDA Registered BPA-Free Silicone. Ultra hygienic and anti-bacterial.

FREEDOM: Yes, they are a symbol of freedom, much healthier alternative than applicable tampons or use of disposable pads. You can wear them for up to 12 hours with no risk of any embarrassing moments or leaks!

SAVE MONEY: It is reusable so you will never have to buy another pad or tampon any more with a lifespan of up to 10 years! One Naturally Lady cup can last up to ten years, saving you over £1,300. The average woman uses 11,000 pads/tampons in a lifetime.

EASY TO USE: The special design of the handle and the non-slip feature ensures that the cup is easy and comfortable to insert

It holds your period fluids for up to 12 hours, setting you free to do whatever you would normally. You don’t need to worry about being out and about, jumping, swimming doing hiking or any other exercises or sports.



Naturally Lady cups are safer: Because our menstrual cups collect rather than absorb blood, you’re not at risk of getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a rare bacterial infection associated with tampon use, and our cup is made of medical silicone grade, SGS Tested, BPA Free, Latex Free, FDA listed, super safe and easy to use.

Soft and Comfortable - Our menstrual cup is made with amazingly soft and flexible material, its like nothing inside when worn properly.

Choosing Your Size!


Choosing your size is very personal, and it is made of your experience with the use.
We would recommend that if you haven’t given birth yet, you should use the size S. However, if you have given birth or if your flow is really heavy, you should use our size L cup.

Size S – collect up to 20ml, ideal for under 30’s or if you haven’t given birth and have from light to medium flow.

Size L – collect up to 25ml, ideal for over 30’s or if you have given birth or have a heavy flow.

Our menstrual cup is designed to be safe for use for up to 12 hours without changing, however we recommends that you change withing a maximum of 8 hours if possible. For best use, we recommend emptying your menstrual cup every 4-6 hours depending on how heavy your flow is. To empty the cup you simply need to dispose of the blood, rinse the cup in water and then re-insert! Our menstrual cup is 100% safe to use overnight and is effective when standing up, laying down or sitting so there is no need to worry about any accidents! The cup is held in place by the pelvic floor muscles so therefore will not move around no matter what position you are in!

For best use, it would be better to empty it every 4 – 6 hours, rinse in water, and reinserted again.

You can use your menstrual overnight, it totally safe and does not matter if you up, laying down or sitting. The menstrual cup is held in place inside your vagina but the vaginal muscles and it will not be moving around.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Cup

We recommend you always sterilise your cup at the start and at the end of each cycle before storing it away inside the cotton bag we provide. Your cup should last for at least 10 years+

Please do not use harsh, scented chemicals to clean your cup as the silicone may deteriorate and can cause irritation to your skin.

Only use water to clean it, preferably sterilise it for a good clean.Ideally, you would have two or more cups for use during your period, as this would allow you to change and clean them before using again.
We recommend having two menstrual cups in order to ensure that they can be sterilised and cleaned thoroughly while on your period. We recommend using one cup during the day time and then sterilising in the evening, switching to the second cup to wear to bed. To sterilise your cup simply submerge it in boiling water and then rinse thoroughly.

Any questions, please just contact me, and I will be more than happy to assist.


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