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Anti-Slip Set of 4 Mini Pantyliners SS 7” Exclusive PUL- Reusable washable cloth sanitary pads napkins towels

Anti-Slip Set of 4 Mini Pantyliners SS 7” Exclusive PUL- Reusable washable cloth sanitary pads napkins towels

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 The Naturally Lady Mini 7” Anti-Slip Pantyliners is a special and exclusive design.

Exclusive Solid Black PUL with silicone dots to prevent pad from shifting - grab yours before they gone.

This Set is composed of:
4 mini pads and 1 mini wrapper bag, made of waterproof material to store one pad when out and about or not. This item is ready to ship within 1-3 business days.

They are super absorbent and super comfortable, leakage proof made of high quality material, totally breathable and toxin free.

The Naturally Lady Black Anti-Slip PUL was designed thinking on you. The PUL has mini silicone dots that will help to secure your pads in place and not move around.

Although all of our pads have 2 snaps to adjust your pads to your underwear and have a close fit, some people may still experiencing they move. That is because all bodies and the way we walk are all different and it also has to do with the type of underwear you use.
To make our lives easier, here is the solution for this case. Anti-Slip PUL!

Size SS - Pantyliner (7" or 18cm approximately)
Top layer bamboo charcoal microfleece, absorbs quickly and has antibacterial properties as it is odour neutraliser naturally.
Middle layers are composed of 1 layer microfiber terry super absorbent. They absorbs quickly and retain the liquid well.
Back layer is laminated fabric PUL, silicone dotted anti-slip fabric to grip on your underwear and not to move around. breathable and leakage proof.
2 snap

Very easy to care for, you will need to rinse your pads after use, drain the excess water and keep with your laundry basket for the laundry day.
There is no need to soak your pads in water, but if you prefer do this way, please don’t leave for over 30 minutes.
You can hand wash or washing machine your pads, up to 40C, preferably by 30C.
We recommend to air dry, but if you need tumble dry at low heat, below 100C.
Do not iron
Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

Enjoy your pads as they are super comfortable and if you care as instructed, they will last good 5 years minimum, saving you a lot of money and saving our environment from plastic disposable pads.

We will ship your order within 1-3 business days.

Any questions, please just contact me, and I will be more than happy to assist.


We would really appreciate if after you try our pads you can leave us a feedback as your opinion is very important to us, so we keep on improving our products.


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