Reusable Sanitary Towels: Why They Are the Better Alternative to Disposable Pads?

Reusable sanitary towels, also known as cloth menstrual pads or simply as reusable pads, are a better alternative to traditional disposable sanitary pads. Reusable sanitary pads are made from absorbent cloth and can be washed and dried then later reused.

They come in a wide range of designs including one-piece items and towel inserts. Disposable pads, on the other hand, are made from plastic and bleached rayon or cotton batting. They can only be used once and then should be discarded. They are not sustainable and often end up filling landfills.

Major Differences Between Reusable Sanitary Towels and Disposable Pads

So, how are reusable cloth sanitary towels different from the regular disposable pads?

Besides the fact that cloth pads can be reused over and over again while disposables have to be discarded after a single use, there are other differences between these two types of pads including the following:

  •  Reusable sanitary pads come with firm and comfortable wings that snap into place unlike disposable pads that are held by adhesive.
  •  Reusable pads are made of cloth which has better breathability than plastic disposables. Some cloth pads even feature a breathable waterproof lining designed to keep you dry and comfortable all day and night.
  • Cloth pads are not only reusable but fun too. They come in a wide range of colors and prints to suit your personal style and preferences.

Benefits of Reusable Sanitary Pads

There are many reasons to dump disposable pads and start using reusable towels.

For instance, reusable sanitary pads allow you to:

  • Protect your local landfills from getting choked by thousands of disposable women hygiene products.
  • Save money that you’d have spent on buying pads every month.
  • Enjoy the comfort and peace of wearing non-synthetic soft fabric.
  • Avoid exposure to known and unknown hazardous chemicals.
  • Avoid the hassle and inconvenience of having adhesive wings stuck in all the wrong places.

Most reusable cloth pads can last up to 5 years if properly taken care of. That is 5 years based on the assumption that you only use 10 disposable pads annually, which is a very conservative assumption.

Organic Pads: Antibacterial Bamboo Charcoal Fleece Pads

Organic reusable cloth pads are made from natural fabric derived from plants that were not grown using herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. With fewer chemicals in the production of sanitary pads, we’ll have less pollution, and ultimately significantly less environmental damage.

It also means that people working in cotton farms and processing factories will be exposed to fewer toxins. A good example of organic reusable pads are those made of antibacterial bamboo charcoal fleece.

For most people, it is hard to think how bamboo can make a comfortable and practically useful menstrual pad. However, bamboo is a flexible material that can be processed into a very soft silky cloth fabric that feels nice and comfortable to the skin.

Bamboo also grows very fast and is therefore highly renewable. Bamboo is never targeted by pests so it doesn’t need to be treated with harmful chemicals.

One of the best features of bamboo is its antibacterial properties. It makes safe fabric that can protect you from harmful bacteria. Just think of the bacteria that accumulate in your clothing, curtains, bedding, and furniture and picture the same amount of pathogens in your sanitary pads. Washing clothes does not eliminate bacteria.

The good news is that bamboo produces something called Bamboo Kun which protects the plant from harmful fungi and microbes. This is why bamboo always grows strong without the need for pesticides. The same protective properties are found in reusable sanitary towels made of bamboo charcoal fleece material.

Bamboo pads also provide the following benefits:

  • They are soft and easier on sensitive skin.
  • They have great absorption and deodorizing ability thanks to the highly porous structure of the fabric.
  • Bamboo has a high anti-fluffing and anti-pilling effect.
  • Bamboo pads are extremely durable which means more savings over a long time.
  • Provides better thermal regulation and comfort thanks to bamboo’s highly porous nature.
  •  Provides protection from microbes by decomposing and eliminating all micro-organisms attached to the fabric’s surface.


The sheer number of disposable tampons and pads every girl or woman uses in a year is quite high. If you do the math, you’ll be shocked by what you actually spend every year on disposable pads and tampons.

They are not only expensive but create a huge amount of plastic waste on the environment. Your best option is to switch to reusable sanitary pads. They not only save you money but are eco-friendly too.

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