Reusable Panty Liners – Sizer S 8″ long – Naturally Lady ®


Size S Pantyliner

Varied Stamps


Reusable Panty Liners

Naturally Lady Pantyliner cloth pads

These pads are 8″ long or around 20cm.

Top Layer made of Bamboo Charcoal Fleece, antibacterial and odour neutraliser properties will keep you comfortable while absorbing the fluid.

One Layer of Zorb, super absorbent material, super light and super absorbent.

Bottom layer and wings made of laminated fabric to protect you from any leakage.

They are super comfortable to use daily as pantyliner or for light incontinence events. If used for incontinence, we would recommend changing your pads as often as needed.

We strongly recommend to pre-wash your pad, as the most you wash, more absorbent it becomes. **No bleach or fabric conditioner can be used** 



Very easy to care for, your menstrual pad should last minimum 5 years+ which will save you a lot of money and cut waste reducing footprint.  

 After use, just quick rinse under cold water, maybe while you have your shower. Or you can soak in cold water for a maximum of 30 minutes, no need to be longer than that. Drain the excess water and put in your laundry basket to wash with your household clothes. 

Just remember, that we strongly advise to not use fabric conditioner or bleach. If you rinse in water after use to remove any excess of blood, this will avoid any stains or odour to sticking to your pad. 

 Machine wash max. 40C 

Leave it to dry naturally (If summer, and it is a sunny day, it is perfect to dry under the sun too) 

– or you can tumble dry at maximum 100C but preferable to dry naturally. 

Please don’t use iron.



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