Makeup Remover Cloth - Kit of 3 Makeup eraser

Kit of 3 Pads

Colours Pink, Purple and Grey

For use on Face, Eyes and Neck

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Makeup Remover Cloth

The Naturally Lady premium range brings to you the most eco-friendly make up remover pads. Reusable, you can wash and use again as many times as you like.

This is a kit with 3 pads, varied colours: pink, purple and grey. Suggestions: you can use pink and purple to wipe make up from your face and the grey for your eyes.

Made of polyester towel, they absorb all the impurities from your skin, leaving you clean and satisfied. They are double sided and padded, easy to hold while wiping your make up off your face.

They work like magic! Save you a lot of money from disposable pads and other make up remover liquids you need to add to the pads as this one, you can use just water.

It removes even water resistant makeup. They are amazing!

You don’t need any extra product, just your pad and water. Don’t need to rub too hard against your skin, as they are super absorbent, just wipe over gently. In areas that have heavy makeup, just soak the pad in water and then press against the area, hold for 10 seconds and then wipe it off. You can rinse your pad under the pad with soap to remove the makeup, squeeze it and use again and again. When finished, rinse under the tap with water and soap, squeeze to remove any excess water and hang it to dry. (I just hang mine on the tap. Next morning it is completely dry and ready to use again.)

Being double sided means you can use as much as you can.

We would recommend you having at least three of them, so you can alternate the use and they will last longer. The good about them is that they will last for years and don’t shrink or change its shapes.

Try it now and give your feedback.

Wash: rinse under the tap using soap, they are very easy to clean and quickly dry. If you want you can use washing machine up to 40C. Do not tumble dry or iron. We advice to not use fabric softener


  1. Katie Clark

    Just tried the makeup remover pads, was a bit unsure on how they would work with just water but I am so pleased, all my makeup including mascara came off so easily and the pads are so thick and soft, would definitely recommend ??????

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