Cloth Period underwear anti-leakage soft cotton

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Naturally Lady period underwear waterproof

Our period underwear is breathable, waterproof and will protect you from any leakage.
*It does not have any inserts and should be used with a menstrual cup or sanitary pads*

Perfect for daily use or just to use night time, as it has a great area coverage. If you don’t like using thicker or longer pads to sleep, you can use a regular pad and these knickers will reinforce the area covered and keep you safe from any leakages.

Size S is 10-12 UK
Size M is 12-14 UK
Nice fit
Super soft cotton
Very comfortable

Pre-wash before first use.
Wash warm 95F or 40C
Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
You may need use stain remover, as it may be stained with the excess blood. It will depend on your washing detergent. There are few good ones that are excellent to remove stains without the need to add any other stain remover.
If your underwear is stained, remember that hot water will make it difficult to be removed, better to soak in cold water first.

Period Underwear Colour


Period Underwear Sizes

Extra Large Size, Large Size, Medium Size, Small Size


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