100% Cotton Fabric Reusable Sanitary Menstrual Towels Pads with Zorb Original - Moderate to Heavy

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100% Cotton top with PUL backing, breathable material, super absorbent and comfortable.

Top layer made 100% Cotton Jersey Fabric

Middle layer made of Zorb Original with Silvadour.
1 Single layer of this Zorb will replace 3 layers of microfiber terry. It is light weighted and dries very quickly. Ideal for light flow or light incontinence.

Antimicrobial, super absorbent material that absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds, soaks up 20 times faster than other material whilst controlling bad odours thanks to the Silvadour technology.

Infused with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odours and create long lasting freshness without toxic chemicals

SILVADUR® is proven to be safe against the skin. Tests of bamboo, cotton and polyester treated with 10 times the recommended amount of SILVADUR® found no skin irritation or sensitization after multiple exposures.
Durable & reversible, it contains thirsty Zorb® 3D fibres between a face and back of 100% organic cotton

Bottom layer made of breathable and thin PUL Laminated fabric, leakage proof.

Please Note: I pre-wash with neutral detergent the cotton fabric, before ironing and cutting to make the pads. However, as made of organic cotton material, the Zorb may shrink a little after first wash, but this should not make much difference in your pad. To avoid shrinkage, after wash, stretch the pads all four ways (Don’t need to do it too hard, be gentle with the fabric)

We strongly recommend that you pre-wash your pad before use, even knowing that the fabric has been pre-washed and Zorb is ready to absorb. This is because I handle the piece and it might get dusty during the process.

If you use our Bamboo pads, made with microfiber, you will notice the difference that the Zorb for being made of organic cotton will take a little longer to dry.


Do not use fabric conditioner as this will prejudice the absorbency fibers.

Very easy to wash, just quick rinse under running water after use and wash with your household laundry. Air dry is the best way to dry these little beauties and they will dry naturally.

They should last minimum 3-4 years, and it will depend on the frequency they are used and the care you give. They will save you a lot of money from disposable pads.

Grab yours now and change your life for better! You will be amazed how good they look, and feel!

Cotton Zorb Original

Size L 11" Heavy, Size L 11" Moderate, Size M 10" Heavy, Size M 10" Moderate, Size M 9" Heavy, Size M 9" Moderate, Size XL 12" Heavy


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