Menstrual Cups


How to use Menstrual Cups

A very clever woman invented on early 30’s the menstrual cup, but although she was ahead of her time, the menstrual cup was held up with the launch of disposable sanitary pads and applicable tampons.

So now they are back at full force and revolutionising women periods! Yes, they are a symbol of freedom, much healthier alternative than applicable tampons or use of disposable pads.

You don’t need to worry about being out and about, jumping, doing hiking or any other exercises or sports, or just walking. The Naturally Lady menstrual cup, allow you to be just you naturally. It is super comfortable, made of medical silicone grade, SGS Tested, BPA Free, Latex Free, FDA listed, super safe and easy to use.

**picture of the cup**

Naturally Lady menstrual cups come in a super soft silicone, and have the little holes just below the ring to safely adjust and hold inside you, preventing any discomfort or leakage. The soft silicone will ensure that when inside, the cup will not feel uncomfortable if it comes to touch closer your bladder.

It is very important you can learn, understand and know your own body and its limitations. Knowing the size of your cervix, or channel, is a very personal experience. Our cup are the right size to fit all cervix sizes, from short to deep, however if you find you have a deep cervix, better to use size L.

We recommend using small quantity of lubricant, to make it easier to get in.

To use is really easy and simple, but it will depend on your personal preferences.

  • Option 1 – Make a C fold and insert
  • **picture of C
  • Option 2 – Make a punchdown fold with your finger
  • **picture of punch

Stand up, open your legs and insert your cup. (If you are used to tampons, this will be like a walk in the park for you)

Using menstrual cup for the first time?

No worries, we all doubt how it is going to work and how it will feel.

We recommend for your first use, to apply little quantity of lubricant, so it goes in smoothly. I personally use lubricant all the time, find it much easier and more comfortable to insert my cup using lubricant.

You don’t need too much, just put a little bit on the tip of your finger and spread around the rim.

Cutting the end tip of your cup – Knowing where to cut the tail of your cup

**insert picture of cup and scissors cutting the tail**

As you can see, you have a long tip on the end of your cup. You need to insert the cup to try the deepness of your cervix and see how long you need your tip to be in order for you to pull your cup back.

You will notice that for some women with a short cervix, the cut will be quite closer to the end of your cup, and that is ok. You need to cut it where you think there is enough tail for your to pull your cup out.

How to Chose Your Size

Choosing you size is very personal, and it is made of your experience with the use. 

We would recommend that if you haven’t given birth yet, you should use the size S. However, if you have given birth or if your flow is really heavy, you should use our size L cup.

  • Size S – collect up to 20ml, ideal for under 30’s or if you haven’t given birth and have from light to medium flow.
  • Size L – collect up to 25ml, ideal for over 30’s or if you have given birth or have heavy flow.
You can use you menstrual cup up to 12 hours, but we recommend that you change within maximum 8 hours.
For best use it would be better to empty it every 4 – 6 hours, rinse in water, and reinserted again. 

You can use your menstrual overnight, it totally safe and does not matter if you up, laying down or sitted. The menstrual cup is held in place inside your vagina but the vaginal muscles and it will not be moving around.

You may find that you have bowel movements, your cup may come out a little bit, but it is completely fine to just hold the end tip of the tail and push it back again. (Just make sure you wash your hands before doing that)

Cleaning and Caring for Your Cup

Cleaning your cup is really easy and simple. During usage, you can just wash under the tap, no use of soap is necessary, and use again.

Ideally you would have two or more cups for use during your period, as this would allow you to change and clean them before using again.

If your have two cups for example, you can use one during the day, when the day finished and you go have your shower, change your cup. Put the other one, the one you were using, put into the sterilising silicone cup, put boiling water inside and emerge your cup for a good strerilisation.

You can buy our sterilising cup here.

Naturally Lady menstrual cup comes with a small bag for storage, so after use, just put your cup inside the bag and store away for your next period.