Menstrual Cup Boiling – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide!

Menstrual Cup Boiling – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide!

How Long To Boil Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are popularly used as an alternative to tampons or pads. It is possible to reuse your menstrual cup but it requires proper cleaning between uses.

While it is important to empty the cup and wash it every few hours during the periods, sterilizing it is essential after each cycle to avoid any bacterial growth. In this guide, we learn about boiling the menstrual cup in the right way to help you make the most out of this tool and take care of your hygiene.

Menstrual Cup Boiling – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide

Recommendations suggest that you should boil your menstrual cup before and after every cycle. To sterilize your cup between uses, first soak it in warm water for few minutes to loosen any debris stuck on to the small crevices. You can then scrub the cup to remove such stuff. Soaking and scrubbing is really important before storing it for the next month. You can either use a toothbrush or specific cleaning brushes available for menstrual cups to scrub it.

Next, you should rinse the cup under flowing water and apply some unscented soap. Then, rinse off the soap from the entire cup. The next step is boiling your menstrual cup. To do this, submerge the cup in a pot of water, ensuring that the whole of it is covered. Make sure you have a pot large enough to accommodate the cup without touching any sides or bottom. It is a good idea to place the cup on a metal steaming basket to prevent touching the sides of the pot. Though unlikely, your cup can melt if it rests against the bottom.

Heat the pot of water to a boiling temperature. Once the water starts boiling, set the timer to make sure it doesn’t boil for a long time. You can even boil a glass container in the microwave but it is easier to monitor the cup on a stove. For microwave boiling, begin by heating the water for a short while at a time until it starts boiling.

Set a timer of 5-10 minutes and ensure that it is not boiled for longer than this time. Moreover, keep an eye on the cup while it is boiling. Once you have boiled it, dry the cup using a dry, clean cloth. Make sure you wipe the inside as well as outside to get it rid of any water. Next, store your menstrual cup in a cotton pouch or any such breathable container and keep it in a clean and dry location until the next use.

How Long To Boil A Menstrual Cup?

To sterilize your menstrual cup before and after each cycle, rinse the cup and place it inside a pot of boiling water. The time of boiling the menstrual cup depends on the brand you are using. It can be anywhere between 2 to 10 minutes. The ideal recommended time to boil a menstrual cup is 5-7 minutes. If you boil too long, it is possible that the silicone material softens and thins over a long time. Leaving the cup unattended while boiling can melt it away.

How Long To Boil A Diva Cup?

If you have just purchased a Diva Cup, you should boil it for 5-10 minutes in a pot. You should also see that you wash it with unscented soap before and after insertion. It is also important that you empty and wash it every 10-12 hours to keep it free from any bacteria. You should pay attention to the four holes at the top of the cup and clean the inside and outside properly. After the cycle ends, you can boil it for 5-10 minutes and dry it with a clean cloth before storing it in the pouch.

Boiling the DivaCup is not necessary. It is a personal choice. Though it can help get a thorough cleansing, there are other alternatives you can use. If you decide to boil your cup, use cookware designed for cup cleaning and keep an eye to make sure the water does not boil dry. Once the water starts boiling, keep it inserted for 5 to 10 minutes.

Menstrual cup boiling alternatives

Menstrual Cup Boiling Alternatives

There are many ways to clean your menstrual cup without boiling. Here are some of the most effective ways that help maintain the cleanliness and safety of your cup for safe use.

Wash with cold water – You can also use cold water to clean your menstrual cup. This method is easy and effective to clean the cup during periods. Dry the cup with a clean cloth after washing and reinsert or store it.

Use a Soap – While it is a great idea to clean the cup with soap, you should not use any soap available in the bathroom. Get a perfume-free and mild soap to make sure your cup remains safe. Moreover, check that your manufacturer allows the use of soap and might recommend specific soap for the specific cup.

Use a toothbrush – Run the menstrual cup under warm water and stretch out the holes. Then use a toothbrush to remove any debris. A soft toothbrush maintains the cup’s quality while keeping it clean.

How To Sterilize Menstrual Cup Without Boiling?

There are many ways to sterilize a menstrual cup without boiling. The most effective way is boiling it but you may not have access to boiling water at all the time. You should sterilize the menstrual cup at least once twice in a cycle to keep it safe and clean. And if you don’t want to boil it, here are some other ways to sterilize your cup.

Rinse with vinegar – Vinegar can be used to sterilize the menstrual cup. It is an amazing sanitizing agent and keeps the cup clean and odor-free. Mix nine parts water and one part vinegar and rinse the cup in this solution. Do not soak for more than 2 minutes. This method lets you sterilize your cup anytime it needs cleaning.

Wash the cup with alcohol – Though alcohol can be used for sterilization, not all cups can withstand it. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions before using this method. Instead of soaking the cup in alcohol, take a wet cotton ball with alcohol to sterilize your cup effectively. Rub the cotton ball inside and outside and allow it to dry before rinsing with water.

Menstrual Cup Boiling

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