How to Use Reusable Sanitary Pads

How to Use Reusable Sanitary Pads

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How to use Reusable sanitary pads

You might be asking yourself and how to use reusable sanitary pads, Naturally Lady menstrual sanitary cloth pads are very easy to use and clean, more easy than you think… and they are not dirty, they just hold fluids from your own body, this is absolutely natural. Before the disposable pads, women used cloth pads, but they did not have the perfect pattern or laminate fabrics like we have today. On that days, the cloth pads were absolutely normal, why they can’t be today?

Yes they can! Yes they must be! As using reusable menstrual pads will stop thousands and thousands of disposable pads going to landfill or to our seas every day! It is our opportunity to contribute and help to save the planet to our future generations, without mention the benefits they will bring to our woman health.

The menstrual sanitary cloth pads are also very comfortable, don’t feel bulk in your underwear, and with the double snaps they stay in place. The laminated fabric protects you from any leakage and depending on your flow, you will know when it is time to change.

The Bamboo charcoal layer, with antibacterial and odour neutraliser properties will keep dry, no wet sensation while wearing these pads. It also absorbs and locks away the moisture. The middle layers, made of microfiber towel are super absorbents and will absorb great amount of liquid and hold well.

All the fabrics contained on these pads, are breathable, which will keep you feeling fresh. And guess what? They are completely toxin-free! No chemicals, and are totally Eco-friendly.

Type of Pads

Naturally Lady is completely committed to customer satisfaction and we are open to custom requests. What matters most to us is to make you happy and help you to go through that monthly days that every woman has to deal with,but with a bit more comfort when using Naturally Lady cloth pads.

The menstrual cloth pads are proven to be better for our health, as they don’t have any chemicals and are made of breathable fabric. Many women around the world, who has experimented and switched to use the reusable, washable cloth pads, has said that they period flow has become lighter with time and the period cramps have reduced over time. Why not try today?

  • Sanitary Pads made of cotton material
  • Sanitary Pads made of PUL material
  • Sanitary Pads made of flannel material
  • Different absorbent materials: 
  • – Zorb is designed properly just for this king of use and baby nappies. 8x more absorbent than microfiber.
  • – Mostly commonly used is the microfiber terry, super absorbent and light in weight, also used on reusable baby nappies.
  • – French Hemp are 100% cotton absorbent, a bit more heavy material, very used, recently being replaced by microfibers.

Chose the right size and absorbency

How to choose your size ? Choosing the size and absorbency of the right pad for you will depend on your personal experience.

Size S and Size SS:

8″ long or 20cm, middle 2″ and 7″ wing to wing.

Made of either 100% cotton or  laminate fabric (PUL are BPA free) for the backing and wings, they are super light in weight and super comfortable. Great to use as pantyliner, they are also perfect for light incontinence leaks.

  • Are you using mirena coil? – If yes, your flow will be quite light, so depending on your size and weight, you may need just a size S or M. We can customise your pad for you, so if you need a Size S but medium absorbency, we can do that for you. Or if you need a size M for heavy absorbency, we can do that as well.
  • Are you during pre-menopause or menopause? – If the answer is yes, you probably have some type of discharge, or is suffering with weak bladder. Don’t worry, this is just woman’s nature and we all will one day go through these years. You can use our size S pad, it is made of Zorb material and super absorbent. Very comfortable and much better than disposables ones. Specially if you need to use every day, all day… our pads will give you relief, specially if you are suffering with sensitive skin down below.

The middle layer is made of super absorbent Zorb material, it can absorb 8 times its weight. Very commonly used on baby nappies or adult incontinence pads. Usually they are made to order, or offered in kits of 7 pads.

100% Cotton fabric pads with Zorb layer – Pantyliner
Out layer made of PUL fabric (laminate waterproof) with terry microfiber towel insert


Size M – L – XL:

Made of laminate fabric all around to guarantee no leakage. Breathable fabric, depending on the size, there are more layers of microfiber towel to absorb more flow.

Size M – 2 layers microfiber towel; Size L – 3 layers microfiber towel; Size XL – 4 layers microfiber towel

Reusable sanitary pads flow chart and sizes


Size and absorbency table

Our Kit Day&Night come with a practical wet bag. The wet bag has the finality to store your dirty/used pads when you are out and about. This way, when going to the restroom to change your pads, simple fold the used pad as the image below, and store inside the wet bag. You can then put it inside your handbag and not worry, as no smell or leakage will go to your bag.

  • Do you have heavy flow? – Well, if the answer is yes, them you may want to use the size M and you can change the pads, as you would if using disposables, or just use the size L which is longer and will give you peace of mind. If it is super heavy, then you will need to use the XL pad, or you can request a customised pad, size M with absorbency for heavy flow, which would have 3 layers of absorbent material. 

How to fold reusable sanitary pad

Storing your Used pads Away

Our kits come with a wet bag, for you to store your pads on the go. Fold your pads as shown above, put inside your bag. When you go to toilet, and need to change it, just take out the clean pad, fold the used one and put back in the bag.

Place your pad on top of your knickers, bamboo up in the middle, fold the wings down and clip in place.

When you get home after your day, just quick rinse the pads under cold water to remove all blood (this will prevent stains and clean the blood out of your pads). You don’t need to rub or use any detergent. Squeeze it to drain the excess water and you can leave it in your laundry basket to wash on your household laundry day.

If you are using cloth pads made of 100% cotton material or flannel, you may want to use some kind of stain remover, which is eco-friendly. But if you use this technique to run it under cold water, you should be fine with not getting your pads stained.

We would recommend using a more efficient type of washing liquid, which are concentrate and you don’t need to use much water. Excess washing liquid can be absorbed by the microfibers/zorb and with time this will compromise its absorbency. In the same way, please never use fabric conditioner, as they completely lock the fibers and they become less and less absorbent.

Using ecological use-friendly washing liquid will also be part of the whole idea of reducing footprint and saving our planet.

We can help you to connect with your nature, switch today and be part of this big cause to cut plastic waste and save our planet!

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